Basic HTML & HTML5: Link to internal sections of a page with anchor elements

I’m stuck with this id element thing on my first course on freecodecamp please help me. what is the next step for me to get rid of this one

You’ve changed the name of you footer tag to <ctionfooter> and it has no ID attribute

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i’d change it already :frowning:

Now you have an opening tag for a h2 element and a closing tag for a footer element. You should have a footer element.

so should she just add an opening tag for a footer element?

There should be an opening tag for the footer element and there should not be an h2 element in the footer.

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I’ve set it to:

<footer><id="footer">Copyright Catphoto App</footer>

that still wont work…
this keeps coming up:

The footer tag should have an id attribute set to “footer”.

Ids should be in the opening tag of the element that they are being applied to. They do not have their own tag.

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Now you have a footer element but have also added <id="footer"> which is not valid syntax for anything. The footer element is made of of an opening tag <footer> and a closing tag </footer>. Elements have attributes such as id, class, etc… which are enclosed in the opening tag’s < and >.


@ArielLeslie I’ll make sure to do that for the next time! Thanks a million!

@RandellDawson I understand it better now, thanks! That makes a lot of sense, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind for other attributes! :grin:

how do you write that in code?