Hey this is really basic.. but i don't see what I'm doing wrong here

So I’m currently doing the basic front-end web design (HTML and HTML5), and I’m stuck on “Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements”.

It tells me that the footer tag should have an id element of “footer”.

But my code is

<footer> id="footer"Copyright Cat Photo App</footer>

I think it’s right, especially since it’s the exact same as the one in the hint video :confused:

I solved it, there should not have been a > after the <footer. It has it by default, and doesn’t teach what footers are before the lesson bruh

A footer tag follows the same rules as all other HTML tags. When you add an id it must be inside the opening tag (before the >).

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The footer tag is used to include the authors information, page info, copyright etc. After the opening tag <footer for setting the footer id value, you have to close the tag followed by The "Copyright Cat Photo App " which is your page info then you end the footer tag (</)