Basic JavaScript - Appending Variables to Strings

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I have been working on this for 20 minutes and I am not understanding what it is asking I have done Passed:someAdjective should be set to a string at least 3 characters long. but it says I have You should append someAdjective to myStr using the += operator. Then, when I do that it is saying there is an error from testing it out and it’s missing a semicolon and I do not know where. Can someone explain this assignment to me? I read the information that was given to me and looked at the example . I feel like a bubblehead.

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// Change the code below this line
const someAdjective = "good!";
let myStr = "Learning to code is ";

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Appending Variables to Strings

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If you could provide a code of your solution then it’d be easier to know where you’re stuck and how to be of help. For now all you did was return the exact code given in the lesson.

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