Basic JavaScript - Declare JavaScript Variables

it keeps telling me the connect var with MyName
it won’t go through

var = MyName “Brayden”

let OurName = "brayden"

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Declare JavaScript Variables

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You just have to declare a variable named myName.
Follow this syntax for declaring a variable var ourName;

You should write your variable name when declaring the var keyword then you typed your variable name. An example is given below:

var MyName =  "Brayden"; 
let MyNameTwo = "Noman";
const MyNameThree = "Brad";

you can write this variable name but follow camel case rules it’s very understandable. For example:

var myName =  "Brayden"; 
let myNameTwo = "Noman";
const myNameThree = "Brad";

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