Basic JavaScript - Escape Sequences in Strings

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the test is
myStr should not contain any spaces

myStr should contain the strings FirstLine, SecondLine and ThirdLine (remember case sensitivity)

FirstLine should be followed by the newline character \n

myStr should contain a tab character \t which follows a newline character

SecondLine should be preceded by the backslash character \

There should be a newline character between SecondLine and ThirdLine

myStr should only contain characters shown in the instructions

and my answer is

const myStr = "\t\nFirstLine\n\\SecondLine\nThirdLine";
// Change this line

can you tell me what is wrong here.

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Escape Sequences in Strings

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this means that the tab character is after the newline character

note that your string should start with “FirstLine”, so you shouldn’t have anything before it

Your result should be


Right now your result is


the right one is what it should be, the left one is your output, and the differences are hoghlighted

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thank you.
i did it
const myStr = “FirstLine\n\t\SecondLine\nThirdLine”; // Change this line

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