Now idea why is not working

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// running tests
myStr should not contain any spaces

myStr should contain the strings FirstLine , SecondLine and ThirdLine (remember case sensitivity)

FirstLine should be followed by the newline character \n

myStr should contain a tab character \t which follows a newline character

SecondLine should be preceded by the backslash character \

There should be a newline character between SecondLine and ThirdLine

myStr should only contain characters shown in the instructions

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var myStr; “FirstLine\n\t\SecondLine\nThirdLine”;
// Change this line

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Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings

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You’re almost right.
After declaring the variable, it should be ASSIGNED the value with the assignment operator not with a semicolon (;), which ends the line of code.
You have the tab (\t) but there should also be a \ as stated in the instructions. Remember \ escapes \

thank you, it worked

Great! Please click the solution box in my post as the solution so that others know it has been solved.