How to go about escape selection

pls can someone tell me how to go about this?

myStr should not contain any spaces

myStr should contain the strings FirstLine , SecondLine and ThirdLine (remember case sensitivity)


FirstLine should be followed by the newline character \n


myStr should contain a tab character \t which follows a newline character

SecondLine should be preceded by the backslash character \

There should be a newline character between SecondLine and ThirdLine

myStr should only contain characters shown in the instructions

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var myStr= "FirstLine
\t"; "\\SecondLine
"; " ThirdLine"; // Change this line

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Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings

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The assignment is to create a single string that has the desired look. A single string is enclosed by only one pair of quotation marks.

  1. You can’t just stick semicolons in between strings like that.
  2. myStr should be a single string
  3. You shouldn’t spread myStr over multiple lines
  4. You shouldn’t have any spaces in myStr