Basic JavaScript - Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

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This is soooooooooo annoyingggggggggg. I am ready to give it a terrible punch :fist_right:, seriously.

This is the instruction:

Set remainder equal to the remainder of 11 divided by 3 using the remainder (% ) operator.

Well, hello!!! How am I supposed to do that??? I cannot just plant “2” there in (const remainder = 2;) that will not work. Yet I must use the (%) in the answer. I don’t see where to put the word “remainder” and this lot :point_right: (11 % 3 =2) on the same line, and still have “const” there too. If I am correct, I can have only one equal(=)sign in the answer. This is absolutely impossible. I know the answer is “2,” but the big headache is where to appropriately put the “2” and the word remainder. This is about to make my veins burst. :rage:

This should be so simple according to the instruction:

According to this instruction, one should just have to put 2 in the place of the zero. Rather, remove the whole thing and set remainder 11 % 3 = 2; that should be it.

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const remainder = 2;
const 11 % 3 = 2;
const remainder = 11 % 3 = 2; // is that the way it should be? Because this is the only way that could make sense to have the word "remainder" and  this sign (%) on the same line equal to 2. 

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

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I would suggest reseting your code.

The answer should be one line of code.

You should write an expression of find the remainder of 11 divided by 3.
Then assign that to the remainder variable.

Hope that helps!

Assume you don’t know what’s the reminder of 11 being divided by 3. After the expression containing % will be evaluated, it will give the that number.

Hi jwilkins.oboe

thank you for your time; however, I have reset the challenge several times to no avail.

I know that it should be one line, BUT how do we put all this (const, remainder, 11, 3, 2, = and %) in one line.


Ok Sanity: are you saying that I should set it like this :point_right:: const remainder = 11 % 3; because setting it is the problem that I am experiencing.

WWWWOOOOWWWW Sanity!!! and it worked.
What a load of headache :face_with_head_bandage: for something so simple.
At least I’ll be able to sleep on a good note.

Thank you both of you. KUDOS!!

help full. you are right