Basic JavaScript Golf Code Problem

const names = ["Hole-in-one!", "Eagle", "Birdie", "Par", "Bogey", "Double Bogey", "Go Home!"];

function golfScore(par, strokes) {
  // Only change code below this line
  if (strokes == 1) {
    return names[0];
  } else if (strokes <= par - 2	){
    return names[1];
  } else if (strokes == par - 1 ){
    return names[2];
  } else if (strokes === par ){
    return names[3];
  } else if (strokes == par + 1){
    return names[4];
  } else if (strokes == par + 2){
    return names[5];
  } else (strokes >= par + 3)//asks for a semicolon here{
    return names[6];
  // Only change code above this line

golfScore(5, 4);

hello everyone my problem is with the golf code of the freeCodeCamp basic JavaScript curriculum.
When i complete the challenge the editor throws a syntax error and ask for a semicolon where i put comment.
ı don’t know why ı have to put a semicolon there ıs there someone who cares to explain it to me
Btw ı tried to click “Create a help post on the forum” button and nothing happened that’s why i open the thread like this if it is not how i should ask my questions, sorry in advance

else statements do not have conditions, but you have attempted to add one. Get rid of the condition part you add and you will be fine.

Just don’t forget the missing { too.

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ah i see. Thank you i ended the chain with “else” but in this condition ı should end it with “else if” because there is a condition for every outcome. Also the missing { was blended with my line comment ı should have used the multi line comment for not to cause confusion, sorry.

ok ı see now. ı got rid of the condition and my code was accepted. thank you.

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