Basic JavaScript - Increment a Number with JavaScript

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I have figured out the correct answer. it is “myVar++”.
But now, I m really confused about that why the following code DO run. “myVar = ++myVar” and “myVar++” are totally different.
plz help me.

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let myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = ++myVar ;

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Increment a Number with JavaScript

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The updates ++tVar or tVar++ also with --
will determine whether the assignment is done before or after the update

If you write this (keyword let omitted):

// or

There is no difference because there isn’t any assignment. Instead

b= ++a

In that code, b is assigned after a is updated, we have:

a b
6 6
In this code however
a b
6 5

As you can see in both cases a will be 6

Last but not least you can increment without update:

b = a + 1

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