Increment a Number with JavaScript don't understand

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var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line

myVar = myVar++;


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It isn’t necessary to write MyVar = myVar++;

You can just write myVar++;

That’s because myVar was previously initialized with “var”

Hope this helps.

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oh thank you very much!!!

So the first line you’ve left in there, myVar = myVar++; will assign myVar to the value of myVar and ignore the ++. Instead, get rid of that line. The second line is all the test is looking for.

A simple way to see how this works, open your console (in the “developer tools” menu on most browsers), and type the following javascript directly into the console, typing a return at each line. This is actually executing the javascript as you go, line by line:

var myVar = 12       // sets the value of myVar
myVar                // shows you the current value
myVar = myVar++      // let's try this first
myVar                // again, show the current value of mVar
myVar++              // now lets try the increment operator
myVar                // and one more time, let's see the current value

Typing directly into the console is a handy way of testing simple javascript.

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