Basic JavaScript - Manipulate Arrays With pop()

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im not really understanding where im going wrong in this. can i get a hint?

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// Setup
const myArray = [["John", 23], ["cat", 2]];

// Only change code below this line
const removedFromArray = myArray.pop();

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Manipulate Arrays With pop()

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Maybe you should also print what’s inside the original array. Also, the tests say:

Use the .pop() function to remove the last item from myArray and assign the popped off value to a new variable, removedFromMyArray .

And, your code doesn’t conform to the test description.

I think due to variable name difference it is not working try removedFromMyArray

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Follow the directions of the exercise. They are telling you exactly what to do. Try using the Example they give you but incorporate the directions they are giving you.

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