Basic JavaScript - Manipulate Arrays With pop()

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The only part it says Im wrong on is that i should use pop( ) on myArray. ? Am I not? and can you please explain so I could understand.
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var ourArray = [1,2,3];
var removedFromArray = ourArray .pop()
// Setup
const myArray = [["John", 23], ["cat", 2]];
var removedFromMyArray = myArray[1]; 
var removedmyArray = myArray .pop();

// Only change code below this line

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Manipulate Arrays With pop()

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@jessie3 there are syntax errors on your solution.



You can refer to this documentation to resolve it.

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var removedFromMyArray = myArray.pop();

The above single line of code is what you have in your solution except , you have the variable name “removedmyArray” instead it should be “removedFromMyArray” to pass this task.

.pop() will be used to pop off the value from myArray and assign it to removedFromMyArray variable.

Hope this helps!

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