Basic JavaScript Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

Basic JavaScript Passing Values to Functions with Arguments
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Can someone please take a look at this code below for this functionWithArgs function below? I created two parameters (7 , 9) and should sum 16

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// Example
function ourFunctionWithArgs(a, b) {
  console.log(a - b);
ourFunctionWithArgs(10, 5); // Outputs 5

// Only change code below this line.
function functionWithArgs(7, 9) {
  console.log(7 + 9);
functionWithArgs(7, 9);

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You have it hardcoded with integers.
Compare your fx with the one provided. It uses variables a, b

Edit: sorry for the terrible explanation. But im on phone right now ^^


When creating functions, you have to use variables so that they can be used with other arguments as well.
This means you need variables in the following line:

function functionWithArgs(7, 9) {

Just as in the example these have to be variables (these can’t start with a number) some examples:

function functionWithArgs(a, b) {
function functionWithArgs(x, y) {
function functionWithArgs(variable 1, variable 2) {

The 7 and 9 are applied when calling the function:

functionWithArgs(7, 9);

This line assigns a 7 to “a” and a 9 to “b”.

Then within the body of your function:

console.log(7 + 9);

Currently you are using hard coded values 7 and 9 and this is fine but will always result in 7+9 = 16. To make your function dynamically you should use the variables (a, b or x, y or whatever you chose in defining the function). Then this would become:

console.log(a + b);

If you make the necessary adjustments you will see that you can pass the challenge. But make sure that you really understand what is happening as well.

Good luck!


Thank you for your help and detailed explanation. This helped me immensely :grinning: