Basic JavaScript - Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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function functionWithArgs(1, 2) {
console.log(1 + 2)   


function functionWithArgs(7, 9) {
  console.log(7 + 9) 


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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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Hi @Ashleylocs !

I would reset the lesson.

When you are creating the functionWithArgs function, you shouldn’t use actual numbers like 1,2,7, etc.

Instead you need to create what are called parameters which are placeholders for the real values for when the function is called.

Like in the example here

function testFun(param1, param2) {
  console.log(param1, param2);

Then when you call the function, that is where you will pass in actual numbers which are called arguments.

This is also a good article on how functions work that should help you with the challenge

Hope that helps!


Thnak you very much Jess! You helped a lot. The article also helped :heart:

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The problem is that I used the concatenation operator (+) instead of a comma (,) when I was calling the function.

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