Basic JavaScript - Return a Value from a Function with Return

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Basically, I tried to copy the return of 25 but I saw it was wrong, I think I got an understanding of the code but I don’t know what to put for the other two’s timesFive spot, I don’t really know how to explain it and it might be cryptid but I think you’ll see my problem
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function timesFive(num) {

return 5 * 5;



function timesTwo(two){
return 2 * 5;


function timesZero(zero){
return 0*5;


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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Return a Value from a Function with Return

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You are asked to create one function, timesFive, which accepts an argument and returns that argument, multiplied by 5.

The example in the challenge description demonstrates the syntax for doing this:

function plusThree(num) {
  return num + 3;

Try to use the same syntax for your function but amend the return statement so that it multiplies the argument (num) by 5 instead.

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