Basic JavaScript - Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables

// Variable declarations
var StUdLyCapVaR;
var properCamelCase;
var TitleCaseOver;

// Variable assignments
PRoperCAmelCAse = "A String";
tITLEcASEoVER = 9000;

como faço para resolver isso?

Please don’t delete the link to the Challenge when asking for help.

Can you tell us what has you stuck? What have you tried to fix the errors you have?

Variable names are case-sensitive: This means that myVariable and myvariable are treated as two different variables. Use camelCase: It’s a common convention in JavaScript to use camelCase for variable names. CamelCase starts with a lowercase letter and capitalizes the first letter of each subsequent word within the name. For example, myVariableName or firstName .

var thisCapitalLetters;
var thisProperCamelCase;
var thisFirstName;

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