Basic JavaScript: Word Blanks - Problem

This lesson use a function to pass arguments inside then return a result. The problem is that with the current curriculum, campers have yet to learn about function! It’s like, ten lessons away. The description is extremely poorly worded (I’m sorry), and the challenge itself doesn’t add up anything, by that time we would have already learned about concatenating strings.

My suggestions, either:

  1. Remove the challenge completely.
  2. Move it down right after campers have already learned about function and arguments.
  3. Re-worded the challenge’s description as well as explain the basic of function and arguments (I think this is bad anyway, because if we do this what’s the purpose of the next challenges about function and arguments?).

Sorry for my English.

The function is mainly for testing purposes to pass the test. It has nothing to do with functions, its about working with string, as you can see with the comments add below/above this line.

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I saw you just replied to this thread, that was basically the reasons why I made this thread. Yes, the challenge has nothing to do with functions. But it’s confusing as hell when you have no idea in mind what is function and how it works. I think the instructions at least should be like what you wrote on the other thread. I’ve seen people making questions about this challenge so often that it should be changed, to make it less confusing.


@tkhquang, have you added your thoughts to an existing issue or created a new issue if one doesn’t already exist in the fCC GitHub repo? I remember seeing the function you’re describing when I went through that part of the curriculum and think changing it in some way will be positive.

This one is pretty close: