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  1. Get Help - Hint: I looked at the “Hint” to see if I couldn’t get a hint as to what I was doing wrong - as I thought my code was correct!

  2. Get Help - Hint Solution: I looked at the hint solution and my code matches, but it is still not excepting the code!

  3. Get Help - Video: I watched the video and swear my code matches, but it is still not accepting my code!

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function reuseableFunction() {
console.log("Hi World");

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions

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You have a typo.

Thank you! OMGosh! I can’t believe I couldn’t catch that. I was looking at it over and over and I knew something minor was wrong and kept looking at spaces and other things. Thanks!

  • a.k.a. The Big Dork! LOL

PS. Do you guys have a contact number or email address where I can discuss donations?

for donations consult here: , there is pretty much everything, including contacts to discuss different methods

Thank you! We can close this ticket. Thanks for you help. I guess I have to realize I have to watch my p’s and q’s and remember to dot the i’s!

you can consider it closed, a post is already marked as solution in this thread

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