Basic Node and Express Challenges: temporary solutions to Glitch issues

Edit: This issue should have been resolved and Glitch seems to be working better now.

Make sure you have the latest version of the fCC dependency.

"fcc-express-bground": ""

Open your package.json and remove the package. Wait for Glitch to finish removing it then add it back and wait for the install to finish. You should now be able to complete the challenges.

We know Glitch is having a lot of issues right now. We may have a fix for one of the problems but Glitch itself is having stability and performance issues that are out of our control.

Here are some temporary options you can try:

Replace the dependency:
"fcc-express-bground": ""

"fcc-express-bground": ""

You may have to open the terminal (Tools > Terminal) and run npm i to make sure the package is updated.

Happy coding!