Basic Node and Express - Get Data from POST Requests

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Completed with two possible ways to see if it could be the way to solve the one that was not accepted.“/name”, (req, res)=>{
let first = req.body.first
let last = req.body.last
let string = first + " " + last;
res.json({ name: string })
})“/name”, (req, res)=>{
let string = req.body.first + " " + req.body.last;
res.json({ name: string })

However, although the name was displayed on the screen, it disappeared after a very short while in the replit webview console. In a new tab, the {“name”:“Johns Does”} remains.

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solution: boilerplate-express (3) - Replit

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Challenge: Basic Node and Express - Get Data from POST Requests

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Your repl passes the challenge for me. Nothing wrong with your code I think.
I don’t know why, but after the POST request sends the json response, a GET request is sent, which comes up with ‘undefined’ values in the response object, overriding the response sent by the POST.
If you open the ‘/name’ url in a separate tab, as you say, the correct response object remains… until you refresh the screen (which sends a GET request which will be ‘undefined’).
The reason it’s undefined is that there’s no query string included.
The only bit I don’t understand is why a GET request is sent to the repl webview window.

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