Basic Node and Express - Get Query Parameter Input from the Client

I am unable to understand how to get the desired output as according to my code, it is displaying: {"name":"${req.query.first} ${req.query.last}"}
instead of the actual name. Kindly help

Google Chrome

Link to the challenge:

boilerplate-express (1) - Replit

Can you share a link to your code please?
Also you haven’t successfully posted a link to the challenge.
EDIT: oh you have now…

Looks like you are trying to use a template literal here, but you do not have the correct syntax.

Try reviewing this challenge in the curriculum.

I still do not know the correct syntax. Can you help me with that? How do I add the first and last name of req.query in req.json?

In template literal syntax you should use backticks (`), not quote marks ('). Check out the link which @RandellDawson offered you in the post above.

Thank you all for your help. I was able to complete the challenge and learn new things.