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I’m putting in the correct code, but I’m not getting the right answer. I think the code in the github repo is broken, I’m not able to get the site up and running using glitch either. Someone help please.

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solution: Glitch :・゚✧

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Challenge: Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

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Okay I feel awesome right now!

After basically digging around for an hour to find out how to submit a one liner code correctly
I found out @ vinobinoo 's reply to a similar post, which said that you should try to host the wesbite locally. This will work
Here is a guide on how to do that

The repo having an issue in the code leads to the online IDE’s breaking down while trying to publish the answer.
However the local one’s somehow host it without giving any error

You can do all of the practice challenges locally and submit http://localhost:3000/ for the live url. However, when submit the certification projects, the urls must be hosted on the web. You just need to use Git to clone the repo locally. You can do this by forking the repo to your own account and then cloning the forked repo to your local machine.

@virenn9999 See my reply on this thread where I explain how to possibly get things up and running correctly on Glitch.

It worked out for me. My preview pane is still showing nothing, but the console logs are working now and my submission got accepted. So now I have two ways of making it work!
All in a day’s work!