Error: "Hello World" should be in the console, Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

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Not possible to submit the answer, even with console.log(“Hello World”) in myApp.js file
// running tests
“Hello World” should be in the console
// tests completed

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Challenge: Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

Are you submitting the Live Site link to the challenge, or your code link… when I go to your Live Site link, it just tells me Preparing… but its been like 5 mins and I don’t see your page, so can’t do a test submit.

I tried to submit the live site link, many times, as I’ve done in the previous module.

Hi augustomessias, I have the same issue as yours I have tried and glitch but cannot pass it. I have just passed the test a few seconds ago. What I did was run the code locally. I have found a step by step procedure on how to do it locally, can check here – How to Run the freeCodeCamp Backend Challenges Locally
Give it a try :slight_smile: Happy coding!


HEY!!! It worked!!!
Thanks a lot man!

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The terminal asks for a password. How do I create?

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