be self-taught or take a course

Hi, I’ll put you in a situation, I’ve been studying on my own for a while to be a front-end developer and I really like this process, but my parents don’t have faith in me talking about getting a job just learning for myself, and that’s why they have offered me pay for a front-end developer course, but I see it as a waste of time and money, and the only thing I earn is a diploma.
I would like to know the opinion of people who have spent more time and have more experience in this world, whether to take the course or continue studying on my own.
any opinion is appreciated

If your parents offer you to pay for course it isnt bad idea to consider it .

I personally started with freecodecamp and after some time decided to actually participate in paid 10months bootcamp in my home country. Why?

I decided to reeducate fully from my profession (chef) to something what I’m more interested in. I was a professional in my occupation and… i simply burned out few years ago and started to reeducate into management and logistics. After 1 year of this studies i realized in whole year i spent actually most of my studying writing algoritms to crack financial math exercices. (I had some programming background before).

What was holding me back from choosing IT in first place as my reeducation path was age - 32 at that time. Even when logistics was interesting for me, management part wasnt my thing. So at the end of 2021 by accident i found freecodecamp on github.

Forums here was something what actually convinced me age isn’t as big problem as i tought. After some time with freecodecamp i signed up for computer science bachelor degree but wanted to jumpstart my new career thats why i decided to pay for bootcamp. And i can say chosen bootcamp and freecodecamp together really work wonders for me when it comes to speed i grasp new knowledge. Both are very good if it comes to materials but 1 on 1 meetings with assigned mentor helps a lot.
Both sources of knowledge aproach many of same problems but from a little bit different perspective. When on freecodecamp a lot of tasks are really going thru step by step in other bootcamp im very often thrown on deep water and need to find solutions myself .

I’m not saying paid bootcamp is better but probably financial factor for me personally works very well as motivator.

I think you should discuss with your parents financial aspect if it bothers you and explain them pros and cons of that path.

Sorry for long live story here but wanted to make you understand my position on paid education.

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The problem is that the course is not a bootcamp, but rather a 300-hour course that teaches you the basics to be a front-end developer (I recommend this course to a senior with 6 years of experience in the sector) since he told me that he It will be easier to find a job with it but it does not assure me…

The only thing I would say is that it’s much much much harder to teach yourself a complex skill than it is to be taught one.

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