Self-taught developers?

Hello everyone, i am new to FreeCodeCamp and web developing, while i was taking an introductory course on programming, i really enjoy so much learning html and css so i decided to search for more information about web developing and i found it fascinated, but there is so much information and courses to choose from that i am a bit overwhelm so someone recommend me FreeCodeCamp and i found it really great. But I have been wondering if taking this approach of learning on my own could be enough, I really want to become a great web developer and do freelancing or have my own small business where i can hire and help others.


There are many threads about this topic. Please search the forum.
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Jose my approach would be … just be patient and keep on learning… when you get so deep into the learning, it will come naturally for ya to understand which path is better than the other… I remember I was asking same question back in 2018, but am kinda more of its mother now hahaha lol… serious thou just be patient and keep learning.


Everyone learns in different ways. Some people really thrive from learning online and others go down the bootcamp route or college route. At the end of the day, if you are willing to work hard, put in the time, and persevere through challenges then you can definitely become a great developer one day.

I would definitely look through the forum because I am sure there is a list of great resources to look up.

Happy coding!

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I didn’t realize how far I had come until I was talking to a tech guy that I work with on the business side of things and I was describing something we were working on and I slipped into technical speak and he looked at me like I was speaking greek.

The real thing that has killed me is not doing it regularly on a schedule. I did JS lessons pretty much every day in April and did a ton of coding for a while and then stopped everything all together because of work demands. Make sure you make time to come back to it regularly and you’ll be surprised how fast you pick it up.

Find opportunities to do real-world projects. It doesn’t even matter if it is paid. The first paid web dev job I had was when I made some adjustments to a school website for a teacher friend. I made $200! I was really stoked more than the money was the fact that I did something that other people were going to see.


Thanks everyone for your responses and advices. I have been coding for about month regularly and i am learning a lot, i still dont have a clear path if i just want front end developer or full stack developer and i wouldnt know til i dive into back end technologies. For now my plan is to become really good at html, css, and javascript, then probably start looking into back end development.