Calling All Self Taught/Experienced Programmers!

Hey everyone,
As a newcomer to coding, I’m hoping to get some insight from successful self taught and/or experienced programmers.

-How long did it take you to become good enough to actually earn an income? Whether it be freelancing or working for a company/startup?

-Do you need to have a breadth a knowledge/learn other languages outside of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to get started making money? Or can you begin side hustles/freelancing with just these basics?

-From HTML, CSS, and JS, what learning paths did you take?

-What route did you take for a career?

Any kind of insight helps. Thank you so much!

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Here is my reply I left on another thread which addressed similar questions.

There is a lot of good information in the Career Advice and You Can Do This! sections too


Hello and welcome,

I invite you to follow Dorian’s story: He went as a self-taught developer from 0 to a 150k job in a few years.

He’s down to earth honest and also describes all the downsides and difficulties you will face on your journey as a self-taught dev. (As you can see in the channel tag :laughing:. He’s selling himself short. )

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