Words of encouragement for new developers

Since the new Responsive web design course was released, there have been a lot more people joining freeCodeCamp which is great :grinning:

But I have seen a lot of people getting frustrated with trying to learn programming for the first time.

I am here to tell you that this is completely normal.
It takes time to learn how to code.

If you are stuck on a challenge and have tried everything you know how to do, take a short break.
Clear your head.
Then come back to it with a clear head and fresh start.

It is also completely normal if some concepts don’t make sense for a while.
Just try to do the best you can and ask questions.
Through more exposure and practice those tricky concepts will start to make sense.

Lastly, make sure to learn on your own schedule.

I know it can be intimidated to hear stories of people landing jobs in a matter of months and you are still working through the basics of html, css and javascript.

But the reality is most people don’t land a job in a few months.
Most self taught developers, including myself, spend 1-2 years or more learning before landing their first job.

Don’t feel bad about going through the courses slowly.
It is more important that you learn well and build a good starting foundation.

Good luck to all of those starting out on their journeys! :grinning:


Good day. I am Alexey. Live in Russia.
I want to learn React and get a job.
I think I can do it in 8 or 10 months.
It is not easy to work and study. Also alone. But I think it’s real time. There is a series of video tutorials on React on YouTube. Title: Way of the Samurai. You master a hundred lessons and go for an interview. Certainly very optimistic. But I believe that this can be done.
I listen to Sadhguru’s lessons. This is a yogi from India. I advise everyone. He says… You need to drop your thoughts… the brain is constantly rushing from one side to the other… changing its reasoning and positions… Just do this training every day and I think everything will work out… I’ve been here since May. And I’ve been doing it for about three weeks. Two hours a day. I think you need to allocate at least three hours a day. Then everything will work out for sure. Learning is not difficult. The hardest part is finding the time every day)

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