Been stuck for days in the portfolio challenge trying to make it responsive,HELP please Hello,i think my code is kind of a mess and ive been trying to make it reponsive but haven’t been able to,ill appreciate any help and guidence,thanks!

Here are a couple of things that you can do. If you haven’t already, you should look at the bootstrap website and see what classes or helpers you need. Bootstrap is responsive, so it will likely just be a matter of figuring out the different classes.

You may also wish to revisit how you have your font-sizes declared and use em or rem instead of px.

Likewise, for images and such you may want to use % instead of px – however, bootstrap may have helper classes or utilities for this. Since you are already using bootstrap, I would certainly look into what it can do for you.

Happy coding

If your code is a mess. Codepen have this button that can make it instant pro :slight_smile:
Click the down arrow next to the [HTML][CSS][JS] and click on [ Tidy CSS ]. It’ll realign everything.

First thing. Your inline style was missing an end quote.

<body style="background-image:url(;">

Second. Center tag and font tag is depreciated, if needed to do centering. Use text-align:center;

<div class="head">
   <h1>Joel's Web Design</h1>

.head {

What do you mean, it is not responsive, which part are you talking about?

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Thank you man,im on it!

Thank you,i didnt know that feature i will keep trying!