Before "Random Quote Machine"

Hi guys,
so according to this post,

I’m supposed to know JSON and AJAX beforehand.
I guess that in the old curriculum, those parts are covered before the project. Not like right now, those JSON and AJAX are in data visualization, which is a certificate ahead.

So, I guess I should begin with data visualization and then come back to this challenge, right? Or does FCC expect something different?

Thank you for reading,

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You don’t have to know how to handle APIs or handle JSON and AJAX to make the project. I made an array in my case, you can check it here. It would make no sense to ask you to do something they haven’t teach you (though I have seen people learn exclusively for this project lol).

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Even though it is possible to solve this problem creating an array, most of the time you’re going to be receiving data on a JSON format so I would say is a good idea to learn it in order to solve this problem, along with AJAX and asynchronous requests. Is not mandatory, but is a good way to understand how things happen on a real scenario.

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