Random quote machine?

Guys, how are we supposed to build the random quote machine, considering that the Section on Ajax was basically a joke? They just show you how to do some stuff without any useful explanations.

The Intro to Ajax on Udacity is really helpful ( I’m stuck with something else now…on the quote machine, but that’s me).

Also, check out Intro to JQuery

And that being said, the FCC snippets are actually all we need… but for me I need a bit more wrapping to understand. I guess next time I’ll review every term used in FCC and decode for myself.

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To tell you the truth, FCC show you nothing ><. From What I’ve seen so far.

You know I did e-learning 3 years and the ressource who you nothing but show you keyword. When I was in High-School, sometime we do some research in internet and the library itself on documentation. And the teacher give us some minimal tips on purpose to teach us that up to us to complete our information. (Now high-schoolers just take the first introduction in wikipedia, w’re doom …). In a company, you will work with Enterprise specific API, technology and documentation is pretty rare, so you must be clever and go deeper than that.

I’ve seen some documentary about northern countries’s school and can tell you they do the same principle. Here in FCC is just an introduction. Code Academy do the same things. I’ve seen many students using more than what FCC offer to resolve their projects.

Don’t focus only on the only content they provide you. A good developer will always go deeper. Because it is on his nature to be curious and perfect his technic.

But $.ajax and $.getJSON or $.getJSONP are enough for this exercice.