Resources covering APIs and AJAX?

So I’ll just go ahead and say it, I’m disappointed with the JSON API and Ajax section. I hate to complain about FCC because it is FREE after all and so far I’ve gotten a lot out of it, but this section just took me by surprise. It seemed like I was just copying code without much explanation. I thought I accidentally skipped some lessons when I got to the projects section because I had no idea where to start.

Anyways, I also realize it’s important to research and learn topics outside of FCC. I came across this great YouTube series and just thought I would share - So far it has been very informative and entertaining and it looks like he covers a wide variety of web development topics.

Did anyone else find any helpful resources (preferably free) covering APIs and AJAX?

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Check this one for Ajax, it’s a good one !

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I just finished the Udacity course that @Mizu mentioned and I thought it was a really good resource too! They guide you through a project using three very different API’s. You’ll also utilize $.ajax and $.getJSON requests and I feel like the videos provided good explanations. It really helped me know where to get started with the random quote generator project.