Good AJAX/JSON resources to learn from

Hi guys,

So I’ve just reached the Intermediate Front End Dev Projects. And honestly, the previous section was pretty bad. I finished it in like 30 mins or so. It’s just a bunch of “copy this and paste it there” and no real explanations as to what’s happening, unlike the previous sections. So I haven’t learned anything at all about JSON/AJAX from it.

Does anyone have any good resources on this? I know I can google for it - and I have. But do any of you good folks have any recommendations?

I would recommend looking at what you need for the next project and just build a side pen where you just figure out how that API works. Just experiment with different ways to access it. Vanilla JS? JQuery? Then try a few more.

There are plenty of posts of people discussing how they accessed various APIs. There are some good youtube vidoes and blog posts.

Keep in mind that this can be confusing. Every API is a little different and they often aren’t documented well. The frustration you’re going to feel is normal.