JSON, APIs and Ajax learning resources

I have already passed all the basic algorithm challenges and now is ready for the 4 projects with the knowledge of JSON, APIs and Ajax. But the teaching of these 3 in FreeCodeCamp is very short mainly just copy and pasting the prepared code. So my current knowledge of JSON, APIs and Ajax is almost ZERO now. Do you have any good resources for JSON, APIs and Ajax? i prefer the interactive ones like FreeCodeCamp, but if not, then any good resources for JSON, APIs and Ajax are welcome! thanks!

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i found this very good it show you how to write the json or ajax request and had no problems with that part after watching this video

next all you need to do is go to the site doing the api eg if doing the weather app challange … you need to then go to that site eg openweathermap is one such site … and read what the documentation tells you to do… basically this means writing a url with some details of what your looking for and , this url then is used with your json or ajax request. you will understand better from watching the video than from me trying to explain it.

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Eventually you’ll hit CORS issues, here is a little primer from one of our own :slight_smile:


Note: I’ve started hearing whispers that crossorigin.me is not working for people the way it once did, so you may need to focus more on JSONP solutions (especially for the Wikipedia viewer…)

I found this Udacity course to be very helpful, especially since its project involves using the Wikipedia API (a requirement for one of the FCC projects):


I’m with you, all the lessons for this section are copy&paste, I didn’t learn much. Will try the video and links provided by other campers, hopes this helps.

Thanks for all the info! I really appreciate!

Some resources I’am using:


This is terrific, thanks

I found the Udacity one absolutely hopeless. Watched through the first section which was simple enough to follow, got to the second part and it’s like… what? No explanation or examples or anything. Just here’s something you will have no clue how to even get started with. Goodbye.