Further resources for JSON APIs and AJAX?

I was having fun being challenged a bit with ‘Basic Algorithm Scripting’ section.

But now the ‘JSON APIs and AJAX’ section just seems like cut and paste.

What other resources are good to learn these topics further?

Did you mean 'Basic JavaScript" section instead of ‘Basic Algorithm Scripting’ section? I say that, because there is nothing to copy/paste from the algorithm sections. You have to develop your algorithm and code it. The Basic JavaScript section could be almost copied and pasted, but you would not benefit much from that activity.

I meant I enjoyed ‘Basic Algorithm Scripting’ Section , but its the ‘JSON APIs and AJAX’ section thats copy and paste. I will edit the post to show this.

The FCC curriculum is not meant to be all inclusive. This section is one of those where you are introduced to something new and are shown how to do specific things, but questions like “why is it written that way?” or “how else can it be used?” are left up to the camper to research on their own. For example, the jQuery $.getJSON function is introduced here to allow you to request data from an external source. The jQuery documentation for $.getJSON is a great place to see what all is possible with that function.

I see. Okay I’m ganna go learn AJAX with JavaScript without jQuery for now.
Then I’ll come back to do these challenges.

Thank you for letting me know the intention of this section