External resources for learning to use JSON APIs with jQuery - any suggestions?

Hey there, guys.

I’ve completed the basic algorithm chalenges today, and breezed through the lessons on JSON and APIs.
Can you suggest any external resources on learning to use JSON APIs with jQuery?
I am very curious to learn it in depth and use it for my intermediate front-end projects. I don’t understand the lessons on FCC fully.

Thanks forward! :slight_smile:

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u might
first take a look how to make call to server without jQuery
with native XMLHttpRequest
here u have doc for that object and example how to fetch data

then take a look here for functions that in behind-scene of ajax

$.get(), $.post(), and $.load()

ajax ( full pack )

also here u have about json lessons, etc ( how to create object From String…)

Maybe u should first read about basic json this last link

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I like videos. This one, for instance.


Thank you all for these resources! Each one of them seems great. :smile:

I would also like to say, if someone at FreeCodeCamp reads your post that I’ve breezed through all the steps until I reached the Quote Machine - the json.get part - and I must say that the 5-10 lessons on json and api are not even close enough to learn anything. A lot of code that is not explained, for example JSON.stringify(json) - why is one writtern with capital letters JSON and another with small caps json - what’s the difference? And many many other examples in these few lessons where you are actually invited to just copy-paste code to get past the challenges and when you reach the The Quote Machine it’s like you are left on your own to discover Javascript from other resources.

JSON (all caps) is an object that you can use to interact with JSON data. json (all lower case) is the variable name assigned to the data that came in from an AJAX request. It could have been named anything - foo, basket, dogface, stuffThatCameInFromAServer - but json is pretty typical.

I do understand your confusion, and this isn’t an easy topic to get your head around at first. Keep at it, and ask more questions on the forum if you need more clarification!


Thank you! But the fact is that for example, for divs or bootstrap or other topics, there were 100 challenges each, teaching you about every symbol, why it goes somewhere and not the other way around, etc. But on this quite heavy topic, jQuery and JSON it’s like “Here is the code you need to put in the challenge to move on :” and there’s the code for me to copy-paste, There is no explanation, no in-depth knowledge and I can not go on the forum/chat and ask all pretty dumb questions like the one I just asked here - and they are dumb because I shouldn’t ask each detail on a forum, I should learn them on a course, all at once, in a couple of hours or a day, instead of spending 2 days to research apis and waiting for answers.

I started watching the videoclip mentioned above in the list of resources and I finally found out what $ is!!! I didn’t even know that. I didn’t know when you use it and when you don’t. It’s the way you call a jQuery. I had no idea!

I know FreeCodeCamp is a young project and it’s being improved continously - that’s the reason I’m writing this - maybe someone will see it and some changes will be done. I will keep on watching the Code Academy Javascript clips until I’ve learned all they’re teaching about Javascript, jQuery, JSON and API’s and then I will return to finish my Quote Machine and pass that test because I want to write the code entirely myself, not just stitching up pieces of code from various pages just to pass.

This is an area that they’re doing A LOT of overhaul on, whenever the new curriculum gets released. In the meantime, if you have comments and want to contribute, feel free to pitch in on the GitHub issue about it here.

Additionally, you’re going to learn that as you go through the challenges, there’s much less hand-holding as you progress - the idea is that you’re getting used to problem-solving and learning skills and finding resources on your own. FCC didn’t start out as a completely comprehensive curriculum; it was more of always just a path you could follow and supplement with outside resources. They’re trying to change that, but that, as you can probably infer, is an enormous amount of work and most of the people working on it are volunteers, which adds to that.

@Milos2709 This is the course that by far helped me the most. Treehouse has a free 7-day trial, so I took advantage of that to go through the course.

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Bethqiang thank you for that teamtreehouse ajax link:).