Beginner having difficulties on creating first portfolio task

Having a headache trying to solve few problems here on creating my first portfolio. How do you specifically change a size of one image and not all of them? For an example, I have one profile picture of me on top of my page in a rounded circle, and in good size where I like it to be. Then, down the page, to my “Portfolio” section, there is one thumbnail image. What is really bugging me is I can’t keep the two images (one profile picture and one thumbnail image) two different sizes. I’m using CSS to change the size of my image but want to focus on the thumbnail image and not my profile picture.

Hope the picture shows more on what I mean… really bad at explaining things.
Also, how do I get my list(Photographer, Coder, Traveller) move next to my profile picture? I have just float it right on CSS but having troubles to have it in line next to the image. Any Help and Feedback on how and what to do on my portfolio including improvements will help me out big time!!!

Remember this?

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thank you, you’re a star!!!

how do i move my list of text (Photographer, Coder, Traveller) in line to my profile image??

Positioning elements relative to each other can be tricky. There are a few ways to skin that cat, so it’s worth spending time researching.

Hi rosstopherrr - cool portfolio page. Have you tried encapsulating both the profile image and the <ul> list of text in a div with a block display style?

<div style="display:block">
 your profile image here
<div style="display:block">
 your list here

Because otherwise these will be inline elements by default. Of course, it might be more elegant to make that styling a css class instead of an inline style.

This site explains the difference between inline and block display.

And another thing that might help is margin: auto

Hope that helps! I’m also just starting out :laughing: