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Im not used to do this kind of things but, I don’t know anyone studying or even a programmer but I am really trying to learn JavaScript and I would like to know people who is in the same path to learn, so we can share knowledge and thoughts about it.
Also, what do you guys think about this? Sometimes I cant figure out a JS problem so I go and check the hints or the solution, Am I really learning if I do that or, how long should I take trying to solve the problem before going to hints/problem solved.

Thanks for reading I hope you all guys are having a good day and I hope you all get where you want to go with coding.

There is no harm looking at hints or solutions coz you are still in the process of learning. But if you are a self-learner, one suggestion would be to pair it up with other resources like or YouTube videos coz programming is easy to begin with, but as topics advance it can be hard sometimes, unless there is someone to show you what to do, where and exactly what is what. And that is where videos can help.

fCC itself has many such video tutorials on different topics, if you go to search!

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Hello @josetotoleal welcome to the FCC community!

Just as @skamat said there’s no harm provided you’ve tried solving the problem first. You’d be harming yourself by looking for the solutions first and not attempting to think. It’s perfectly okay to get stuck.

If you have tried all you can and still not getting any answers, you can seek solution in two ways.

  • You can try to use online resources to understand the problem and how other people were able to come up with an algorithm that solves it or ask other devs to give hints on parts you might have missed. Then approach the problem again. This helps stick the solution to the brain and would come in handy if such problems arise later.


  • You can take a look at a solution. But don’t just take the solution, copy and paste it then move on. Practice it until it becomes a part of your memory. One thing about programming is the fact that some new problems you encounter are linked or related to a problem you once solved which is why it’s important to always understand a solution and once you see the solution, try another method in your own scripting. For instance in JavaScript, if a solution uses the map() to iterate over an array, check if you can achieve same result using reduce() or using filter() then judge which is best for you and which of those approaches makes more sense to you.

Also developers some times find answers when we take a break from coding. Trust me, IT WORKS! At the time you’re coding your brain is really busy and might not remember or come up with ideas, but take a walk, drink a shake :cup_with_straw:, eat some ice-cream​:icecream: and while doing that stream of solution gushes in your brain cause your brain keeps that problem and tries solving it in the background.

I hope this helps and I feel you’d be a great programmer. Happy coding :+1:!

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Looking at hints is fine - that’s what they are there for. But I would avoid looking at the solution before you have come up with your own.

Reading code and writing code are two different skills… The point of the challenges isn’t to get the answer, but to practice solving problems and writing code. You have lots of opportunities to practice reading solutions afterwards (and it’s a good idea to look at other solutions after you write yours), but you only have one chance to practice coming up with the solution on a particular problem.

If you get stuck, you can post your code and ask questions here. That way, we can give you more specific hints about your code.


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