Being rejected for lack of experience

Hi everyone!

This post is not so much of a question, but rather an open discussion about the current market crisis in IT.
I’ve been applying to multiple opportunities, over 40, and got rejected by 38 with the feedback mainly of “lacking experience”. This has been overwhelming to me, I’ve never felt such a struggle to have the first interview. I guess its obviously because of my lack of experience for the positions I’ve applied to (although I’ve 2.5 years now), but in the past, I’ve passed interviews much more easily and with distinction, even got job offers from big companies for positions that required much more experience than what I had back then. Now, for the same positions, I get rejected. I know that they’re much more candidates with more expertise, but I can’t avoid wondering if there’s something wrong with my professional path so far.
Would love to hear your thoughts about this, and if you’re feeling the same or not :slight_smile:

rather an open discussion about the current market crisis in IT.

Is there a crisis? Is this just because you’re having difficulty? Does that make it a “crisis in IT”? That statement is so vague.

It’s hard to judge what your situation is. What is your experience? What kind of jobs are you applying for? What market? There are other factors like how well you interview and sometimes just plain luck.


Hi Kevin,

If you’re not feeling the effects of the layoffs happening all around the globe, I’m happy for you. Half of my team has been laid off, and most of them are still struggling to find new opportunities that match their ambitions, so I think we can all agree there’s a crisis for some of us, especially for nonseniors, and if you don’t agree let me know.
Also, I’m not narcissistic enough to classify my job search struggle as a “crisis in IT”, so that comment wasn’t very helpful. Please understand that I’m not trying to solve a problem here, it’s just an open discussion about the current market opportunities and the struggles that come along with it.
Lastly, I respect the time you took to respond, so thank you for your contribution.

I don’t know if the layoffs have generated a crisis. There are still lots of companies hiring. Its a lot easier to talk specifics and give advice than talk to the possibility of some sort of crisis.

I don’t know, I’m not currently looking for work. I looked for work about 7-8 months ago and didn’t have too much trouble. But a lot of that has to do with what my specialty is, what my skillset is, what my experience is, where I am geographically, what an amazing interviewer I am (natch), and of course luck.

I don’t think it is valid to say that because you and some people you know are having difficulty that it is a “crisis in IT”. I know it may feel like that when you’re in the middle of it.

And to be honest, I don’t know. Maybe there is a global slump in hiring. I don’t know - I don’t follow those trends.

But in order to help, maybe you could post a copy of your resume (redacting address, phone, email, etc. please). What part of the world are you in? What is your strategy?

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Just going to say that you sort of have to be careful what you’re hearing in the news / media. Although Twitter, Meta/Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have indeed laid off tons of people, it’s not really a market crisis yet, and I’ve seen some folks vastly overstating the news from these events.

If you’re applying to tons of jobs and getting little to no results, the reason is probably much more simpler than you think. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, if you’re getting a worse than 10% response rate on job applications, you’re doing something wrong in your applications, and it’s worth finding out what that is.


I’ve seen anecdotal stories from both job seekers and tech recruiters that employers are rejecting or low-balling candidates at much higher rate than has been normal for the last few years. While I wouldn’t go so far as to use the word “crisis”, there does seem to be a shift happening in the power balance between developers and employers.


Thanks, Kevin :slight_smile: I’ll definitely think about it and see if there’s something I could improve. I’ll send my CV to you so you can take a closer look when you’re available.

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Please post your CV here. Why have just my (limited) experience when you can have dozens of people look it over?

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And on the topic of you having all these friends that are struggling, why not form a meetup? Get together once a week over coffee, talk about your struggles, practice interviewing each other, etc.


Olá à todos, compartilho da mesma preocupação do meu colega, comecei a estudar Programação Web , no momento não tenho habilidades suficientes para encarar uma entrevista, ou me candidatar a uma vaga, procurei algumas vagas , deu uma olhada nos requisitos e é muita coisa pra estudar, Fiquei um pouco desanimada pelas demissões em massa, mais como todos disseram é uma fase, vai passar.

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I really much of this career path problem. I do have one thing I pondered. Maybe you should test your last employer of hire or not? If you were fired from there, and they call them well maybe that is it. Sometimes they do not give you the credit you think you are getting on past employers.