Best options for developing mobile friendly app

What are people’s thoughts on developing an app for mobile? Should the mobile app be written in say Swift for Apple and Java/Android Studio for Android? Or should some technology be used such as PhoneGap and if so, what are people’s experience with these types of technologies. Are there better options than PhoneGap. I’m interested developing an app for the Web using a combination of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and maybe PHP with mobile in mind. What do you think the best way to do that is? A couple apps specifically that I’ve been thinking of working on are a chat based app and a gym workout tracker app.

Have you looked at React native? You can do all that in JavaScript with React and possibly Node. If you need a backend, instead of php, you could try meteor which is a full-stack and mobile javascript framework.

@gitchrisadams I’d reiterate what @IsaacAbrahamson said. I’d take a look at progressive web apps as well.

They’ve got some great benefits and are geared between that inbetween stage between making a full blown mobile app and web. Also here’s a list of some good examples:

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Hi @IsaacAbrahamson and @tropicalchancer Thanks for the suggestions. I have not looked into React or Node but will look into that. Also for Meteor, does your web host have to support that? I’ll do some research on those technologies.

React native and flutter are the best frameworks for developing a mobile app. You can implement it in your project.