I want to learn mobile application development. What should i start phonegap, react native or android using java?

Hi guys,

I want to learn mobile application development but i am confused about where to start? Should i start with phonegap or react native or android using java??

And please also share the resources to learn.

I think phonegap should be a better way to go because HTML, CSS & Javascript will do it. Goodluck.

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I am also interested in this. I wanted to learn React Native but just now i heard about phonegap and it sounds like a good thing.

Anyone else have more experience to share with phonegap?

Phonegap (or the more widespread Cordova version of it) is certainly interesting and gives you a way to apply your basic web dev skills rather quickly.

However, React Native seems to be hell-bent on taking over that hybrid development space. I suspect, if you learn React at all, you’ll probably look to React native for your mobile projects very soon after.


you can learn native android development from here developer.android.com/training and from here [www.androidhive.info] .

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It really depends what your goal is and how much you want to invest in the process.

Do you want to make highly performant Android apps that can fully leverage the native platform and/or do things that the React model is not well suited for (like making certain types of games)? Then learn Java and go down that path.

Do you like the React model and/or want to make performant apps that compile to native code? Then go with React Native.

Do you feel comfortable with Angular/JS/HTML/CSS development and want to get an app up-and-running quickly with your existing skills (and don’t require the performance of native code)? Then go with Ionic/Cordova/Phonegap/etc.

There’s no “right” answer for everyone, it depends on what your end goal is.


If you already know html, css, and javascript then phonegap/cordova will be easier for you to get started and will allow you to target more mobile platforms. However, the performance of your app is limited by the device’s webview. I suggest you also check crosswalk or cocoon if you go this route so that you will have a consistent webview across devices.

If your app needs native performance, needs access hardware components of the device, and you are targeting android specifically, then you should start with java.
Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide is a good book for learning android development.

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Thank You @ArieRS
For the resource

Thanks @ltegman
I think i should first try phonegap then start with react native.
Actually i am learning react also so that’s why thought of react native.

React Native has become quite popular among mobile developers recently, so I just couldn’t resist the urge to get acquainted with this framework to keep pace with the newest trends in mobile app development.

Learning react native seems to be a logical choice if you need to rapidly prototype your app and deploy it across multiple platforms at the same time without having to learn different languages for different platforms like Java for Android,objectivec/switft for ios and .net for desktop apps.

The general flow for learning react native is first to set up your environment from official react native documentation.Then start learning basics of react native views and components.Then learn how to pass data between different views and components. If your project is complex then you will need to learn a flux based module like redux. Eventually learn to connect app with backend using fetch or axios.

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