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I have been learning web dev here in FCC but after seeing what React Native is capable of I want to be a react native dev. I know I should be good at JS first and then react js and later jump on react native. Any suggestions should I go with react native which will make me a mobile dev or react native is for people who are already into mobile devs not for newbies like me.


I’ve been writing React apps for a while (not professionally though), and recently dipped my toe into React Native. So, I’m far from knowing much about Native, but I found the switch super simple.

If you’re not comfortable with React yet, I’d recommend to get a solid knowledge first before switching to Native. I’d also recommend to learn it with resources other than the fCC curriculum (the lessons/challenges), because it’s focussed on Class components, which are about to go extinct in the React universe. Learn Function components instead (there are many good React tutorials on YT). Then come back to fCC for the Front End Libraries certification projects.

awesome… thanks for the reply. How much time did you spend learning algo and DS? do I have to be good that these to start working with react?

While learning JavaScript, I spent a fair amount of time on algorithms, which was very helpful with React later. I could easily understand the logic behind a for loop, but I found the higher order array methods like .map and .forEach (which are technically just for loops) hard to read, with their concise syntax using arrow functions. So I did algorithm challenges until using those higher order methods became easy and felt as natural as writing a for loop.

React is mostly about handling and manipulating the DOM (in the “React way”), so you’ll make your life easier if you can concentrate on that, and don’t have to waste your energy on trying to reason with JS array methods. React uses them heavily.

So yeah I’d recommend to spend some time with algorithms (relatively basic ones, doesn’t have to be super complex stuff). As for data science… I’ve heard the word and that’s it.

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I have also recently decided to become a React developer, as I was really impressed by what you can do with it. However, I wouldn’t say I like javascript. I have tried to learn it some time ago, and it was so freaking tough for me. But, you cannot work with React without knowing javascript. I see a couple of freelance react developers, they told me that if you actually want to be a great specialist in react, you have to know everything about javascript. I hope I will be able to learn it to perfection.

YEPPPP … it is impressive.

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