Should I go for Ionic or React Native?

In my job I’m currently working with a mobile app using Ionic, before I got this job I had never used this framework, I’m not familiar with Angular either, I use React. I’m learning Ionic on the spot, that’s not an issue. My problem with Ionic is that is based off of Angular, and I really don’t like angular syntax nor do I feel like investing time learning Angular when I’m already proficient with React.

My boss is ok with me using React Native as long as it works, I’m willing to learn it, but I just found out that with React Native doesn’t offer multi-cross platforms components whereas with Ionic you have that by default.

Basically my dilemma is that I feel I’d learn React Native faster than I would learn Ionic, simply because I already know React and I don’t like Angular syntax. On the other hand, building multi-platform components from scratch seems stupid.

Since no one is answering this.I would update Joe/codingphase on your status and ask him what you should do.

Good luck

Oh woa man that’s awesome, thanks dude.