React native app development with JS

Hi guys, I’m a bit lost on what to study. My goal is to build apps on react native. Which courses should I complete on FCC other than JS if any?
I am not interested in building websites.

Thanks :slight_smile:

JS, JS, JS. And there’s a React course in the libraries and frameworks section. You also want to look at the first section of the APIs and Microservices section – it talks about NPM and Node , and you need to know how to use those, as that’s how you’ll install things.

Note the React course is slightly out of date with respect to current best practices – I would strongly suggest going through the tutorials on the React website once you’re comfortable with JS, because all of the newer libraries, resources and tutorials online will expect you’re using React in a slightly different way.

You’ll want to be comfortable with JS and React, otherwise everything in React Native is going to look like gobbledygook. Don’t worry that you’ll be building web apps at first, React Native is still React and it’s much easier to work in a browser while you’re learning, iteration is much faster and it’s much easier to debug. Lots and lots of libraries work for both web and native, so you’ll get a feel for those as well.

There are other things you will need to know:

  • how to set up and use a terminal. You can kinda say Linux/Macos are basically the same here. Windows you probably want to use WSL2 (the Linux subsystem) as there are some advantages for developers when using a Unix setup, though just Windows is often fine (Windows Terminal is really good as well).
  • from that, how to use Node and NPM for installing, building, and running code via command-line programs.

It’s really important that you know at least the basics of working from the command line – this is general development rather than RN-specific, but you’ll have serious difficulties otherwise.

Once comfortable, look at the actual React Native website (tutorials there).

Definitely look at Expo, which is absolutely the easiest way to get started. It works on every platform and doesn’t require additional heavyweight tools.

If you don’t use Expo, you’ll also need Android Studio set up to build Android apps. To build iOS apps, you need a Mac and XCode installed, there is no way around that. Whereas Expo lets you build your app on any platform, and when you deploy it you use Expo’s build servers which can produce the packaged Android/iOS apps.


Thanks so much Dan for giving me a clear roadmap to follow. I have some experience in setting up a Linux terminal but that’s about it. However I’m really excited about learning everything you mentioned.
Thanks again :smile:
Time is of the essence JS JS JS here I go…

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