Best React Native Tutorials

Anyone learning React Native here?

Planning to make an IOS App in the next month and learning it now. Here are the tutorials I’ve done so far, just want to share here because it might be useful for others learning it too!:


So what is the most favorite one? Which you would recommend to ur friends? Thanks for the links!

you can learn a different aspect of React Native from each tutorial, but I recommend to at least do the official Facebook one!

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Thanks for the links!
There are a few good tutorials on Udemy but they are not free.
The free one you can checkout is this one: React Native for Absolute Beginners - Udemy.
But probably the best way to learn react native is Facebook documentation itself. It is one of the best documentation I have ever seen. Just start with the quick tutorial and try to build something yourself. Here is facebook documentation: React Native | A framework for building native apps using React.
You can also check sample projects on github. There are incredible developers building apps like Whatsapp, Tinder and Pokemon Go using only react native. Try to understand their code. Sam Okoro has all of these sample projects: VctrySam (Sam Okoro)
And most importantly: try and fail and then try again.
Read also: Angular vs React: which one is better?

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I only know basic javascript which i learned in freecodecamp i stopped at the weather app challenge. Is that enough for me to learn react

It’s enough but you’ll probably have some difficulty if you’re not familiar with ES6.

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