Want to learn React.js and React native

Hey! I am actually very much confused on how and where to learn React.js.
Basically, I want to learn react native but for that you must be knowing React.js right??
So, can anyone please suggest me some very good resources from where I can learn React.js and React native both??
I really want to learn this and want to create some cool applications.

Yeah, I would suggest learning React before you learn React native.

I enjoyed learning React. I found youtube videos very helpful. I enjoyed Brad Traversy’s videos. Of course FC has some videos too. But there are plenty videos,

Some are better than others. I try to code along with them, but some go too fast (I spend a lot of time stopping and backing up.) Some go too long without running the code so it’s hard to catch typing mistakes. Some don’t really explain what they’re doing (There’s a lot of, “I do this, then that, then I add this…”) But if you keep at it, you can get there.

Thank you so much, Kevin.

You also have this introductory course on edX