Starting to learn react - New job

Hello everyone.
So basically I need help with starting with React. I know very well the mighty trio Html Css and JS. I have made a few minor projects and explored libraries like bootstrap and Jquery.
Now I applied for a job, the talk went very well and I am hopefully expecting a confirm. So I would there start working with React and I want to start good, show them I want to learn and work so I made a decision to learn it immediately.

So any good resources and everything that would help me are appreciated!

I think the best options are @freeCodeCamp and Traversy Media channel on YouTube.

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FCC here has 2 react sections in the “Front End Libraries” curriculum.

I listen to Youtube in the car on my 45 minute commute everyday. They have a bunch of good videos.

It helps me when I start digging into it for real having listened to the basics already.

I learned React on Codecademy. Then made my first project with create-react-app. I didn’t need any code along or tutorial after Codecademy, the course was enough. I’d recommend it if you’re a kinaesthetic and/or visual-linguistic learner.

I would also recommend taking notes. An alternative is to also read through the docs. That’s not how I learned then, however I now find it to be one of the quickest ways to learn something new.

Hello @DragoJelavic! Welcome to the community!

When I was trying to learn React I notices a great number of tutorials. And let me tell you I am a very impatient guy so I wanted to start programming know instead of reading walls of text. So when I thought I understood I wrote a small tutorial to get started fast.

Feel free to check it and comment it if you think something is not well written or could be explained better!