Any suggestions on any good react tutorials?

Hi there!
Just finished the React module of the Front End Development Libraries course. The React lessons seemed very interesting in the sense that it was WAY different from javascript.
Unfortunately it seems like there was a limit of around 50 or so lessons, which covered a lot of basic stuff.

I have kept an eye on the tutorial offered on the official site. Other than that, does anyone have any good suggestions? Instead of randomly chosen names from across the net , are there any tutorials that are actually nice and are worthwhile ? I have also noted this site → and like the style and the presentation of the lessons. But alas , it has only a limited number of free courses.

Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

I like courses from Academind on Udemy. Huge advantage is that they’re always up-to-date.

Thanks for the suggestion. But it seems like its a payed course .

I’m looking for free/open ones.

Hi @Exotic !

Kent’s course is really good.
It helps you understand what is going on underneath the hood.

freeCodeCamp has released a new react course taught by a scrimba instructor you can check out


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