Best way to learn React

I’m fluent in JS, HTML, and CSS by now. So I’m planning to start learning React, but I found no resources that I like. I love the “follow along” tutorials where they make you write code for each lesson, but not exactly what is written on the page already. For example, freecodecamp’s HTML and CSS tutorial was great for me and thought me a lot.

Does anyone know anything like that I can find? if not, what is the best way to learn react? I tried following the official tutorial but I feel like I haven’t learned a thing

Hello there,

Are you saying you did not like the layout of the freeCodeCamp React section? It does not go through the most up-to-date React elements, but teaches what majority of codebases have. So, is immensely relevant.

At one point I was learning through the About the course | Full stack open 2020 offered by Helsinki University. It is free, and teaches React.

Hope this helps

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Oh, nevermind I just looked again and found a React section on the curriculum. Before all I found were the ones in the search which were not my type, but I was just being blind there and didn’t see React before.

Sorry about this but thanks for your reply.

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