Sources to learn React?

First i wanna ask a question. Is freeCodeCamp’s React tutorials outdated? should i study from them or should i find some other sources to learn react? Also can you recommend me some sources to study react? I mean a good E-book or something. Thank you!

I am a Front End Developer and I self-taught what I need. In other words, I get tutorials on a particular subject from internet and practice to achieve my goals.
For REACTJS, freecodecamp is not outdated, it is the best place to gain very strong foundation. We can experience this when we apply our skills in the real world applications.
In my opinion, is the best place to follow the updates in REACTJS.
The course curriculum @ freecodecamp is very well structured for all levels of learners. Once you complete the course @ freecodecamp and apply it., I am sure you will gain that confidence.

And I always follow WESBOS - he is my favourite. You can follow him on Youtube and
His presentations always inspire me.

The Road to React is the best ebook for reactjs.

Good Luck

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The official react documentation is really good.

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I second the suggestion to do the tutorial in React documentation.

I did the Tic-Tac-Toe tutorial and it taught me a lot.

Also, “Thinking in React” for learning how to structure larger applications.

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